A glimpse into the past

Joanna. Born in the wrong generation. Anyway where's the time machine?

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Bette Davis & Janis Wilson in Now, Voyager, 1942


Happy birthday to a gal who’s partly responsible for ruining my life.

Just kidding, I love you Betty Joan and I hope you’re having an awesome birthday party with Bogie.

God we miss you down here.  Keep watching over us.

September 16th 1924

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Can we skip tomorrow? I can’t deal with the fact that she passed away only a month ago and now it’s her birthday. :(


Lucille Ball in Go Chase Yourself, 1938

Honestly have had the desire to try a cig for months now but a part of me knows it’s wrong.

Bette Davis as Charlotte Vale in Now, Voyager, 1942.


Favourite songs: 4/??? 

Nights in white satin,
Never reaching the end,
Letters I’ve written,
Never meaning to send.

Beauty I’d always missed
With these eyes before,
Just what the truth is
I can’t say anymore.

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