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Joanna. Born in the wrong generation. Anyway where's the time machine?

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I’ve always felt Lucille Ball is so amazingly gorgeous. Everyone remembers her for her comedic talent (as well they should!). But I’ve never heard anyone talk solely about her beauty. I mean, wow! She is so stunning!

Rita Hayworth and Carol Burnett rehearsing one of their numbers before Rita’s guest appearance in The Carol Burnett show, January 1971.

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jimmyclifts asked: gary, errol and robert ;)

Gary: Gosh I just love all types of food.  I can’t pick a favorite. 


Errol: Not at all. 

Robert: I don’t know I don’t like anything about myself. Umm….legs? I don’t even know tbh. 


Fans’ Own Film Annual, 1960

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Your blog has been signed by F. Scott Fitzgerald

gayboysgatherround asked: Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra :)

Bing Crosby: Holiday season! I love the holidays and giving back! 

Frank Sinatra: Not at all,but if you know me you know I’m always breaking out into song and dance. Who said musicals aren’t real?